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We are very excited to announce that Shoreline Realty has named Donna Millen with Movement Mortgage as their new lender partner! 

Donna is a Senior Mortgage Loan Officer with Movement with over 30 years of mortgage experience along the Grand Strand.  Donna offers outstanding customer service and even answers calls nights and weekends. Donna originates all types of residential loans including conventional, FHA, VA and USDA loans.  Donna really enjoys working with first time homebuyers to help them purchase their first homes.   Donna and her assistant Melissa work diligently to make sure your loan closes on time. 

Movement was created to be different. Founded in 2008, amidst one of the biggest financial meltdowns in American history, Movement set forth on a mission to create a Movement of Change in our industry, in corporate cultures and in communities. 

First, we pioneered a unique approach to home loans centered around helping homebuyers, quickly and easily. Then, we created a model so that our profit creates a long-term positive impact in communities both close to home and around the globe. 

For our borrowers, we commit to building relationships based on communication. We get it home loans can be confusing and stressful – But they don’t have to be. And we work to make sure they aren’t. 

It all comes back to our mission, to love and value people in everything we do.

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