Brittany Lindeman

As a child I had many thoughts of what career path I would take in life.  I knew I wanted to help others, and impact people in a positive way. I also knew I wanted to live near the coast.  At a young age my mother insured that my siblings and I would carry the beach bum gene. Already having a strong love of the Carolina’s, being a North Carolina native, my love continued to grow when we began to frequent the beaches in N.C. and S.C. for vacation.

I was an early graduate of High School, and shortly after moved to Wilmington N.C. to further my education. I attended Cape Fear Community College’s transfer program, and then transitioned to UNCW with a focus in communications.  Shortly after, I completed a CMA program at SPCC, and transitioned into health care. During my time of transition, I never thought that Real Estate would be my calling.  I worked in the specialty of Hematology/Oncology for slightly over 4 years. I developed a deep love for the specialty, and the patients.  During my time in health care, my love for patient and consumer advocacy became the center of my focus.  I was classified as a High Performer, preceptor, committee member, and generated a 99% patient satisfaction rating.  I also assisted in brothering our outpatient clinic into an inpatient setting and was the first allied health team member in our practice to transition to all sites that our providers serviced.

Although I loved healthcare, I felt as though something was missing.  I began to contemplate the next phase in my professional life.  Real Estate began to draw me in.  My mother is a Realtor, and has been for over 20 years, and my grandmother was as well.  I saw from a young age that my mother impacted consumers in a positive way and developed long lasting relationships with her clients.  She was able to be a part of a huge milestone in her client’s lives, and I wanted the same.  Shortly following, I became a third generation Realtor.  Licensed in North Carolina and working side by side the best mentor I could think of, my mom, Karen Knight.  I am proud to be affiliated with such great S.C. agents, and to help in the growth of Shoreline Realty in N.C.  I hope to impact consumers in a positive way.  I pride myself in being a prudent, honest, and trustworthy Broker. Whether you are buying, selling, or investing, I believe that every consumer deserves respect, time, facts, and support.  Hustle with heart, and never let anyone take your dream away from you.

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